Soak Off is the shizzle!

Fresh manicures every couple of weeks can become pretty expensive, especially in Japan. That’s why I like to do it myself with soak-off gel manicure. I’m in love with Shellac and Gelish nails, and it’s really easy to do it yourself. Gelish and Shellac are hard to get in Japan, and expensive, but they also have cheaper versions of soak-off gel, like Naility and Jelly nail. The basic things you need is, base gel, color gel, and top gel and a uv or led light. The gels start from about ¥600 to ¥1900 and you can buy a light for about ¥3000. All of that together is cheaper than getting it done in a salon!


Step 1:
Apply Sculp Fitter, to keep your manicure even longer!
Step 2:
Apply Base Gel, and “bake” for 30 sec. under the LED light. (UV might take a little longer)
Step 3:
Apply color. You can mix up your brands, like me! First thin layer of color, bake, another layer and bake. 30 sec. each time.
Step 4:
Apply Top Gel, and bake 1 min.
If you’re using Naility! It comes out dry so you’re finished here, but with other brands you will need to wipe the tackiness with gel cleaner!
You’re finished and your nail can last up to 3 weeks with high shine! Yeah.. I know right?! Amaze Balls!

ベースジェルを付けて、LEDライトの下に30秒 “焼いて”下さい。UVはもうちょっと時間がかかります。



Get soak off remover to take your polish off, by putting it on a cotton pad, put the pad on your nail, wrap it in aluminum foil, and leave it for 10 minutes. The color should come off with no problem!


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