Hangover cure.

Having owned a bar for 5 years has taught me how hangovers can ruin your day, but also how to get rid of them fast. The Japanese have a culture of drinking with their colleagues and boss after work. A lot. But at 8am they’re back at their desks at work. How do they do this?
I have woken up still boozy after a night out, or work, before the nausea kicked in feeling like I got hit by a truck many times. This ruins your day, because as much as you try sleeping it off, you never feel rested. Here a simple trick to be able to wake up with no hangover at all!!

Don’t drink ; )))


Sometimes you just have to go and show face at a party, then;

Step 1: Drink a bottle of Ukon no Chikara (ウコンの力) or even better Hepalise W (ヘパリーゼW) before drinking your first drink. They also sell these in powder and pill form. This is a turmeric based drink that balances your liver.

Step 2: Drink as much water as possible in between drinks.

Step 3: Drink one of these drinks, Ukon or Hapalise before going to sleep, and then a Solmac Gold. (ソルマック・ゴールド)

Step 4 (if necessary): if you’re still feeling iffy after you wake up, drink another Solmac Gold. And say sayonara to your nausea and hangover.

These drinks are all sold in Combinis (cvs) like Seven Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart.

Hope you all have a great countdown and New Years, and drink responsibly! xo

From left to right: Ukon, Hepalise W and Solmac.

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